Wellness Writer
• Gale Lyman RN, BSN, HNB-BC is a published health writer with expertise in integrated holism, adult/elder care, health behavior change, and caring for caregivers.

• You choose whatever venue will reach your people: articles, apps, audios, blogs, books, wellness tips, and more

Email Gale to discuss writing assignments

  Wellness Guest Speaker
• Gale’s workshops reflect her passion for well-being. Workshops and webinars include helpful handouts and take aways, lots of discussion, and whenever possible include opportunities for attendees to experience wellness activities.

Click here to visit the Wellness Guest Speaker page for more information and suggested topics

Gale Lyman RN, BSN, HNB-BC
  Learn to do Reiki Classes
• Reiki is deeply relaxing and supports your natural ability to clear, balance, and restore your Self. It is easy to learn and easy to do.

• During a Reiki Level One class you will learn to do Reiki for yourself. If you want to advance your Reiki training. Reiki Level Two expands your awareness and teaches you to do distant Reiki. Reiki Level Three is a spiritual experience, and for those wishing to be Reiki Masters or Reiki Master-Teachers, a Reiki Master/Teacher Experiential is available.

• Classes offer continuing education for nurses

Visit our Reiki event calendar

Email Gale to discuss scheduling classes at your location, classes for older adults or caregivers, or to arrange a private class at her office in Amesbury, Massachusetts.

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  Drumming Circles
Drumming Circle
• Drumming circles are fun, energetic, and create a sense of community! They are inclusive of people with all cognitive and physical abilities, all cultures, and all languages.

• You may schedule weekly, monthly, or stand-alone programs. Gale will bring her drums to senior centers, retreat centers, assisted living centers, and long term care facilities.

Contact Gale to discuss your needs and read more in Gale’s article previously published by the Port Planet in March, 2009.

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Drumming Circle
  Guided Meditation Groups
• Guided meditation groups are relaxing, and Gale makes it easy. She will show you how to meditate even if you think you can’t.

• You may schedule weekly or monthly groups at your site. Contact Gale to discuss your needs.

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  Relaxation Groups
• Relaxation methods can provide increased comfort, relief of pain, improved coping mechanisms, reduction of stress, and/or an increased sense of well-being.

• Relaxation groups offer attendees a chance to experience many methods of relaxation, including music, therapeutic arts, guided imagery, breathwork, therapeutic distraction and diversion, and the Relaxation Response.

• You may schedule a group at your site weekly or monthly. Contact Gale to discuss your needs.

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Relaxation Groups image
  Restorative Retreats
• Time to stop and think is often missing in a fast-paced life. Going on retreat is an opportunity to reflect and brainstorm about who you are, what you want, and which path you choose to follow.

Click here for a schedule of upcoming retreats or visit the Retreat page for more information.

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  Healing with Nature
•Retreats, workshops, and reflections activating the healing aspects of nature

Contact Gale to discuss your needs

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