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Calming contemplative practices for adults, senior citizens, and caregivers

calm, relaxed, senior citizens,elders, older adults, caregivers


The Lyman Center (TLC)

Gale Lyman, RN, BSN, HNB-BC


well-being, wellness, calm, relaxed, senior citizens,elders, older adults, caregivers

Welcome to well-being

Welcome to this online resource center for adults, elders, senior citizens, baby boomers, and caregivers.  Here you will find health information for well-being, ‘how-to’ information to relieve day to day stress, and solutions to the joys and burdens of family caregiving. We specialize in contemplative practices, especially guided meditation, positive affirmations, and finding peace in nature. These practices can help you relax, cope, heal, and restore your well-being.

Experience contemplative practices

Be calm and centered! Visit the online TLC Resource Center for Contemplative Practices. There you can learn to use a variety of meditations, access nature’s peace, and improve your well-being with optimism and healthy behavior change.

Help for family caregivers

Cope with the joys and burdens of family caregiving, overcome compassion fatigue, and then, when caregiving is done, move forward in your life. How? Visit the online TLC Resource Center for Family Caregivers.

Wellness for customers and employees

Build customer relationships and enhance your employees' health! The founder of the TLC Resource Center, Gale Lyman RN, BSN, HNB-BC, is a freelance health and wellness writer for various newsletters, websites, magazines, and blogs. Gale will write your health & wellness articles, blogs, and wellness tips too. 

Share wellness with your people

Live and in person or via webinar, Gale is available as a guest speaker for your wellness workshops, activity groups for seniors, retreats, and continuing education programs for healthcare professionals.

The Lyman Center - TLC

About TLC


Since 2000, TLC (The Lyman Center) has been a source for holistic wellness. Our current focus as an on-line resource center seeks to serve more people than our healing center ever could. On-line, you can access what you need at your convenience.

TLC’s Founder

Gale Lyman, well-being expert, wellness writer, wellness speaker, holistic, nurse, well-being

Well-being expert, writer, and workshop leader Gale Lyman RN, HNB-BC, BSN, is passionate about inspiring people to take care of themselves. With more than 20 years of holistic nursing experience, she has a deep sense of caring and wisdom. Gale is an engaging guest speaker and a published health writer with expertise in integrated holism, contemplative practices, senior wellness, health behavior change, and caring for caregivers. 

TLC’s Mission


TLC's mission is to cultivate a greater sense of well-being in our world, by inspiring people to take care of themselves.

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